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Hi guys,

I need help with ninebot es2 error 18.

I have had my ES for about 3 months (500 kms). and everything was going well with no signs of any issues when, one day last week, I switched it on to go home and the motor made a noise it had never made and the scooter refused to go faster than 8 km/h. I kept insisting and after a while, it went back to normal and worked fine. I switched it off while on the train and when I switched it on again, it did the same thing (gave me trouble but worked eventually). Now, it refuses to go back to normal. It works but makes a lot of noise and never goes past 8 km/h. In addition, an error code 18 flashes when I switch it on.

Any idea what the issue is? I'm reading that I probably need to replace to control board but I'm not prepared to do that if it means spending a lot of money. I'm tempted to sell it on eBay and take whatever money I can get to get a Xiaomi M365 (which is apparently much easier to maintain) instead. Am I reacting too rashly because there is an easy reasonably priced fix or is it best to cut my losses now?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks JP

Solution is either flashing the controller with st link or make sure
Your scooter is connected to motor because 18 is code for controller and hall sensors not communicating which usually only happens when you plug the battery and dash into controller but don’t plug controller into lower half of scooter. You need the 3 phase wires connected and the 5 prong Hall effect sensor connected if this doesn’t help then text me at 6692six55925 my name is Dave and I run a repair shop so I can gladly
Help you figure this out but it differentiates from case to case if you are all connected correctly it could be either one of two things and one of Them is an easy way to test for the other. If you are connected correctly then first and foremost try flashing using esDowng if the Bluetooth won’t connect then you need to flash controller using an st link (kinda a pain in the ass if you haven’t done it before) by flashing the controller you will either confirm or deny worst case scenario which is door number 3 if after you flash and reassemble and connect wiring correctly and you still have code 18 congrats you need to go spend $50 and buy new activated Ninebot es4 controller from amazon and make sure
To get the guy with fastest shipping all the controllers are the same however make
Sure you buy an activated controller not just any one will do because if not activated then you will have to activate it which is a whole bother pain in the ass to do so let’s stick to a one pain in the ass per case rule and if you have come this far spend the extra few bucks and buy previously activated controller because it’s truly plug n play well plug *flash* then the n play part comes in. Anyhoo if that doesn’t work out then enjoy your new 45 pound paperweight or you can finally have something heavy enough to throw at that jackass who cuts you off on your way to work all the time I’m sure he would love a Ninebot battery to the windshield as a life lesson to not mess with the guy having a crappy day. My
Number is listed above if you need any help I am glad to open my knowledge base
For others who share my
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