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I've mentioned before on one of these blogs associated with the wheels bike hopefully trying to locate someone with enough brains to collaborate with my findings but for some reason my account just went MIA and the post went with it but anyways, the bike has three communication options not counting the bs iot pay to ride gps box. It has a classic Bluetooth board that has the colored lights connected to it that does nothing and can't do shit but play your music then it has a Low energy BLE 4.0 chip that's the little square chip located on the PCB board that the throttle wires are ran from. Prior to me mentioning that they had left the chip name the default name (wtf ever China co.) It pointed me to research (not a easy find) a long form pdf data sheet associated with the chip and that's when I seen that it also had a factory default password. So figuring these wag people done cut every other corner (definitely not saving shit) I figured they may have left the password at default and I found that they did. Either 111111 or 123456 or 000000 but I done a test on a more recent one and noticed that they are not left at default status anymore. A quick fix for that is to simply unplug power source ( I mean definitely unplug it) don't call yourself Mr. Steady hands bc it is one touchy biych and the very smallest error and it's fuckedd. Any ways unplug board and take a paper clip (pipe scrapper at my place) and bend it accordingly to use to bridge pin 1 to pin 9 for 30 second then remove bridge power off bike then once you power back on then the password will be returned to default . You can't just use any app to connect either because you have to be able to pair and bond in order to make / manipulate any changes. It has to be a ble low energy apk. It needs to give option to pair then prompt option to bond. Anyways I dropped my research giving minor heart to the corner cutting co. And wife yelling about my weird Hobby's that made me not want to research how to send the AT commands and uuid codes and all that shit. Also if you bridge pin 1 (3.7v pin) to pin 9 (Reset pin) 15 seconds should do a soft reset ( "recommend" but may not help but 30 seconds or more creates a hard reset "full factory reset on the ble chip. Also you only have 30 seconds to make bridge ( connect pin 1 to 9) after power on otherwise reset option is locked. Hopefully one of you smart bastards figure some shit out. Also 3rd chip is behind lcd FM107520 that's where I think the money is at. I would say at a $1 chip cost it would be simple to heat remove replace and ride on. Later people love your help thanks
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By Moto2
I just saw that someone named Ian sold a Wheels bike on offer up for $1600 about 7 months ago. Ian claimed it was NOT an ex-rental and it came with the unlock card. Only one problem... you can see the screw holes where Wheels put the 3 party stand-alone GPS tracker box in front of the back wheel... SO it can be done! But How? Ian of Santa Monica would you like to Share? To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I definitely know exactly how to get them running with swapping out the speed controller. I just haven't had the time to look into the stock controller as I have to much stuff going on right now. You can order a brushless speed controller on Amazon or eBay ect. And I can install it no problem. You can get them for less than $20. I have all the needed tools. I live in West LA near Westwood and Expo. I don't anticipate on dragging my ass along with my tool bag further than 2.5 miles unless dollar signs speak other wise. Just don't waist my time and I'm down to get as many of them dam bikes running as you can collect. All conversions / repairs I can do must be done on your own bike and how ever you got it I could give a shit less, as I don't care, don't want to know , don't want to find out none of that bs. If you have a bike you somehow own and need it running then get a brushless speed controller 36/48V 250+ speed controller (order me one as well and we have a deal) and send me a email and let's get it going. I run a crazy schedule but im always awake. Go figure, but anyways I'm dam good with anything ebike or scooter just let me know

By Ayden619
Okay my next step is seeing if I can get money to order a speed controller I know how to get it going now most likely
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By Bee-Rad
Ayden619 wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:04 pm
cash app me and I'll help you
No offense but literally every post of yours is just asking for spoon-fed instructions to hotwire one of these without spending a single dime despite 25 pages of posts clearly proving that’s not possible... I can’t imagine what sort of “help” anyone can expect

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