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By rdeoalves
Hey guys, i've been thinking about hooking up a suspension on the scooter. I've only found few things about this on the web, only in russian or french. Does anyone here ever seen something like that?

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By surveyorandrew
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I have no experience in this but that would be bad ass! Especially if you hooked up a Bird zero motor or made it all wheel drive.

Definitely do this and keep us posted on your progress!

By rdeoalves
My (dream) plan is to hook up two motor wheels on the front – to add more stability and hopefully be able to drive with only one hand when necessary – and add one of this suspensions kit. I don't have any required knowledge for this, but hopefully I'll find time, money and will to do it hahah

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By TJSplash
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Where did you find this? I would love to pick up a suspension like this because I switched over to using the zero Wheels

By CrazyDante
TJSplash wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 12:14 pm
Where did you find this? I would love to pick up a suspension like this because I switched over to using the zero Wheels
Hi, where did you find the zero wheels?

By mikewax
i googled on of those images (the one with the leaf spring) and found a russian webpage. I clicked on translate and nobody seems to know where it came from. i tried googling around but couldn't find any mini leaf springs.

By NomadMech
The company name is right on it. They are a small Russian company and are very hard to find from US servers. It is possible with search terms "m365 ferry". To the folks who think that you have to have a harsh ride to get "Zero power", keep doing your research. Let's just say riding anything other than pneumatic tires for me these days equates in a short ride. I gotten spoiled. Bear in mind these parts on all of these scoots are made to be at least somewhat interchangeable. Anyone can slap a wheel off of one onto another, that's simple. I don't quite know what advice to give other than, for myself, it all stems from a "never satisfied" attitude which I realize can't be instilled. Either you are or aren't that kind of person, but I literally will be thinking of flaws and their improvements while on an intial test ride of a concept and execution that took over 2 weeks to build. When that's your m.o. and you've got more than a few years of fab under your belt, the sky(and time mainly) is the limit.


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