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By yeswhat478
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So there's heaps of info out there for people splicing in a generic chinese e-bike/e-scoot motor controller.
( ... 4c4dIWqVWb)

I've done my own with above controller but I'm looking for a little less generic-ness and extra customization. Has anyone used a Flipsky VESC? it looks like the firmware has heaps of setting for customizing, I'm wishing I'd ordered one instead of an OEM Ninebot esc but I'll probably order one anyway. ... tYQAvD_BwE

I’ve seen a number of people use the generic Alibaba controller you linked to. Use a more expensive controller would be a first on this site, at least I think that’s true.

What features does it have that make it worth the extra money? Nothing special stood out to me.

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