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Making money in the scooter game.
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(i'm not) but it appears that Bird is increasing the bounties in several areas. I've noticed a lot of Birds on scootermap that are outside the service area and are still calling home despite having zero battery. I went and drove to a spot that had five of them and they have been sitting there over a week. I think $3 bounties are hurting because it's causing a lot of scooters to be abandoned instead of generating revenue.

Hopefully Lime and the others will follow suit.

I used to be a charger back when scooters went up in value. It doesn’t matter what they start at it’s not worth my time. You could make good money charging scooters going out in the early morning capturing scooters that day out all night for $10 a pop. My favorite thing to do was go out On the weekends and hunt $20 scooters. I picked up 10 in a couple hours one time!

This fixed price stuff is garbage To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

They're back down to $3 again. I saw the same scooter sitting in front of a train station outside the service area for over two weeks as I drove by every day. The GPS drains the battery by about 10% every day. The backup battery lasts 2-3 days and calls in every 30-60 minutes till it's dead. No love for the $3 birds in the burbs To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

DM me. I want to help.

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