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Experiencing the EXACT same issue!!
Did you find any resolution on the modes function?? I don't care about the headlight on and slower speeds just want to control the modes or even manually get it to always be in sport mode. 17kph is not ideal.
rmnhsd wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:23 pm
After upgrading an auctioned ES4 with a replacement dashboard, the scooter works and connects to the app but it will not switch modes when you double-tap the button.

Doing so just toggles the light, and whenever you turn on the light it activates the speed limit!

It does not however alter the LCD display which always shows the red-S indicating sport mode whether the speed is limited or not.

FYI the default functionality is a single-tap activates the light and a double-tap changes modes from Limit-mode (no S), regular-mode (blue S) and sport-mode (red S)

So now if anyone wants to use the scooter they cannot activate the light or it will cut the max speed in half.

Any idea how to fix this? Firmware has already been updated to latest.


I'm experiencing a similar issue, I bought a control board off eBay that is already activated to replace the Bird one.
The Bird control board actually had almost no issues other than I kept getting a constant warning about firmware needing to be updated, EVERY time I opened the app, and it behaved strangely with the external battery (would shut off and turn back on continuously when done charging, beeping every time).

The new control board is a worse state of affairs, and the seller in China is having difficulty understanding my problems:
-New control board is stuck in Limited Mode, will not change modes and will not exceed 9.3mph, and accelerates VERY slowly
-New control board is missing light control, lights are stuck on blue and the icon for light control/change is missing from app now
Its frustrating, almost to the point where I want to put the Bird controller back in, since no one seems to have a ton of knowledge around the firmware and hacking these controllers To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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