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By johannes88
I think the problem started after a long run in pretty hot weather some months ago. I've now switched out the mainboard with a new one, but after going for a test drive today the "scooter temperature" was still rising to 80-90 Celcius, and Error 40 kicked in.

Note that the temperature rises in particular when going slightly uphill (and it rises pretty fast).

I've also added some fresh thermal paste on the back of the board when mounting it.

I'm now very confused about where this problem comes from, and how to fix it. It's also frustrating when I have no proper knowledge about this stuff (all I've done so far is followed tips and instructions from people online), and it is very little to no repair services on Xiaomi scooters in my area.

Would appreciate help fixing this issue, and please speak in easy terms because as I said, I'm new to all this.

- J

By UKKid35
I have the same issue with my M365 Pro, but only since fitting new controllers after the original one failed

Both fail within minutes of the M365 being shown a hill

Checking the temps on the app it seems that the controller thinks the Vehicle Body Temperature is much higher than is really is

I have a screenshot where it says 84.0C, more recently I have seen 59.0C and yet the chassis is hardly warm to the touch

I imagine this means that the M365 is reporting the controller temp, even though it has been mounted with proper 'gold paste'

So my theory is that it is shutting down because it is overheating, or thinks it's overheating

This is happening with two different aftermarket controllers, but never happened with the original controller
By Spacedog
I have the same problem now. I got a new motherboard like 3 days ago. And now i got error code 40. Does anyone know how i solv this problem ?

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