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By alecxs
Hans-wurst wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2024 1:08 am
Hi alecxs,
the main Version from Emile ist running correctly but O am not able to get your version to Work. I programmed your Last Version "themed" and installed all bibliotheks, but every time i try to connect the App, IT seems Like the esp Crash or will be reset. Have you any Idea what i can do?

the crash most likely happend because no mp3 file was found. Did you upload the audio files from data folder "Tools" -> "ESP32 Sketch Data Upload"?

The ESP8266Audio library works fine with ESP32 boards, don't switch the board in Arduino.

By PDruppo
alecxs wrote:
Sun Dec 03, 2023 9:02 am
That's your decision. I don't have a switch or anything else that differs from original. It is unlocked with the app, that's it. If you opt for power saving option you need something to wake up. I use the tilt sensor, scooter wakes up when I move it.
Hey, forgot to tell you that I got it to work using Emile's original setup. But then I crashed the scooter and the previous ESP32 is dead. As I have previously ordered your PCB I decided to try it out, but for now didn't get it to work :shock:
I'm only using 3 basic components: your PCB, a new ESP32 and the MP4560 DC power adapter. No capacitors or transistors are required, right? Which other components you would recommend to make the circuit more stable?

I've connected everything, and the current is flowing (ca. 38V in and 7V out from the MP4560 - looks a bit much), but the ESP32 doesn't start (no light and voltage at entry is super low ca 0,02V). Any ideas about what could be the issue? I flashed the ESP32 with the original Emile's code, maybe it changed since, so I will flash it again with 54fffa1. How else should I do troubleshooting?

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By alecxs
1.) adjust the output voltage of MP4560 to 5 VDC
2.) close the solder jumper for display
3.) close the solder jumpers for DevKitJ 30 pin: 3v3 GND VCC
4.) close the solder jumpers Tx Rx next to the connector
5.) bridge the Lock resistor with wire


or, if you want have more functionality (like wake on charger, audio, etc)
alecxs wrote:
Thu Oct 05, 2023 10:30 am
This is the manual for the assembly. It is currently a draft, I will update the same link with complete one when I have more time.

= = = > > > ESP32_Manual.pdf < < < = = =
By PDruppo
hey, thanks for a super quick reply.
- I assumed the DC converter is blocked at 5V by default :? . Is it possible that I fried the ESP32 with 7V or is there protection?

Just to confirm for the rest:
- is it the one on the other side of the PCB, a small one to the left of the MP4560?
- ok, clear - will close all three in the DevKitJ section
- ok, clear - tx and rx from your picture to the right of the DevKitJ section
- ok, clear - the on the left of DevKitJ section

Did I miss all this from the manual? Can't find all this?

edit: Also, is there a way to connect a simple switch to any of these jumper bridges or maybe break the MP4560 connection with the PCB at OUT+ and a cable with a switch there? So I can have a force disconnect to save the battery? I had something like this in my previous setup. Where would you recommend doing it?
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By alecxs
the DC-DC Converters have a variable potentiometer, it's important to adjust the voltage with screw driver. Because you haven't closed the solder jumpers, nothing is fried yet, no worry.

Yes, the solder jumper on the other side is labeled "display" - it delivers voltage from DC-DC Converter to Display. make sure you have adjusted the voltage to 5 V.

Sorry, didn't design pcb for hardware switch - use transitor to switch off MP4560.

the ESP32 itself can be hard wired if you leave the VCC solder jumper open. Just provide 5 V via your kill switch or whatever. Same for Display jumper if you want to switch off dispay - leave it open

PDF is not finished yet, but the transistors are explained. Only the last step, solder jumpers and soldering ESP32 is lacking for now...
By PDruppo
Ok, will get to work, one last thing. The lock connection shows on the other side of the PCB like a 330 Ohm resistor. Can it be a regular cable connector or resistor?
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By alecxs
Yes the 330 Ω lock resistor can be bridged with wire, it's not drawing too much current anyway.
PDruppo wrote:
Sat Apr 06, 2024 5:19 am
edit: Also, is there a way to connect a simple switch to any of these jumper bridges or maybe break the MP4560 connection with the PCB at OUT+ and a cable with a switch there?
I have a idea. every transistor is a switch. if you remove the 0 Ω resistor off the green pcb (requirement for powering off the MP4560) you can use a switch instead of the transistor. But you may need the 470 kΩ pull-up resistor on the top. hope this helps.

WARNING: This does directly short-circuit traction battery +36 V with GND - never ever close this with the 0 Ω resistor still present!

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By PDruppo
It’s working again!
I have installed the switch directly on the main 36v input even before the PCB. It doesn’t switch off the controller or the lights, but works for the DC converter, ESP and the screen.
Now, the screen shows battery 0%. I’m sure it’s not. Any idea what this could be? Rx or Tx bridge not soldered correctly? Never know which one is which. Or is it software issue?
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By alecxs
That's strange, because controller and lights should be off, unless unlocked from esp32. regarding battery I can only imagine wiring or software issue. the rx tx jumpers are for the communication between esp32 and controller. does the communication work? lock/unlock speed?
By PDruppo
Yeah, all lights are on, even when I kill power through the new main switch. But it was the same before. I just hoped it’s going to be fixed with the new hardware. I think I followed your instructions to the letter.
For the battery indicator, it worked before. The only thing I can think of is that I flashed the same , original software from Emile that I flashed almost a year ago. Where there any changes to it?
What was surprising is that as soon as I connected everything the scooter was unlocked. I didn’t even have to install the app. I can lock it still through the app, but battery status is not shown :|
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