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By RigItAll
I recently got my hands on a Bird Zero and dove into researching how to unlock it. My scooter was missing the GPS hardware when I received it. I found a scooter unlocker that makes use of a arduino or an esp32.

I have had no previous experience using arduino or doing coding of any sort and am an intermediate with wiring/ hardware side of things.

I got a charger and it charged up fine, lighting the display to show battery percentage.
I was able to figure out how to connect my esp32 to my computer after some trouble and have got the code from es200 scooter unlocker@hackaday loaded onto it. I tried the basic arduino ino there and it made the deck lights come on and wheel unlock. Even after disconnecting the deck lights are now stuck on and the wheel still unlocked. I’m hoping I didn’t already fry my scooter!!!??? I hope unplugging the controller will bring the scooter back to a programmable state.

I can’t tell what wires are what color but the wire I assume is the blue wire is connected to 3.3v and the yellow is connected to RX0. I did use a multi meter to figure out power and ground . I am using an external battery to power the ESP32 in hopes of making it less likely to accidentally fry something with the 42v off the scooters power. It

I’m waiting for security torx drivers to come in the mail, I have a couple but not the correct sizes to open the scooter.

If anyone can please help, I would really appreciate it.
By RigItAll
The lights went off after I unplugged the controller and I was able to find working code by mayaku for the esp32 via remotexy
On the thread (TUT) How to Unlock Your Electisian Tier or Dot Alpha.
Unfortunately after 2 minutes it shut off and I can only get it to come on by plugging in the charger which it then shows error code 12e ( controller communication error i believe). But from what I read here is caused by a firmware update.
Apparently there is firmware I can revert to but I have not been able to find it anywhere. I also need to know what to do to flash that firmware.

Can someone please help??? I have spent hours and hours looking here and all over the internet with no luck.

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