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By hyperfloat
Because it's much easier to just replace the controller. Modifying the stock software or flash a new one to the stock controller is pretty hard - connecting via serial is just step 1. :)
By RigItAll
So I have a bird zero with an es100 controller.
I have spent days searching this forum among other places and got an arduino and esp32 to try flashing different code to that I have found here and on GitHub.
I thought I got it working using the esp32 and code found here. Unfortunately it ran for about a minute or two then shut off and won’t respond unless I plug the charger in, then it shows error code 12e which I think is a communication error from controller.

Where is this firmware and how can I flash it?
I found a YouTube video tutorial on how to flash a Segway es style controller using an st-link after doing some soldering and other work.
It seems doable… just don’t know what if it would be the same process???
Is there a Flasher App that will work?
Where can I get the old firmware?

* I really want to keep this a factory Bird Zero and am willing to do the work.
At this point I’m considering wiring in a new controller and dash, etc. but if someone can help keep it stock I’d really appreciate it.
By RigItAll
Gothicgeek502 wrote:
Thu Nov 09, 2023 8:51 pm
there is a firmware to flash back to the old unpatched firmware you can unlock with Arduino.
Where can I find this firmware and how do I load it? Solder an ST Link onto the controller?
By SooterDon
Not sure if this helps anyone hacking their Electisan F350 aka Okai ES200B, but I just bought a factory unlocked unit. I think it is a demo for a locality looking to start a ride-share. Probably an early unit. The unit is perfect, but I cannot find an ID sticker. This scoot is rugged and a really good ride. I could use some instructions to find all the features. A classic Operators Manual would be appreciated. I found the 3 modes and can turn the light\ on\off. Thanks!
By Cyberboy55126
Hey people, I'm having problems with my Bird Zero scooter. I've got a new motor controller, I just need to know what I'll have to do to wire up the julet wires to match with the motor controller wires.


Here is the motor controller I've got:


And here's where I got it from:

Please help
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