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Hi I have a Bird Zero ES100 controller.
Please help me get it running!
What code do I need? Basti’s mod? I have searched every page of this topic and do not see a zip file to download Basti’s mod 0.1 or a my others.

I have tried mr spriggs basic arduino .ino scooter unlocker on Hackaday with esp32 and arduino nano as well as Final version scooter unlocker for esp32 from GitHub with a basic ESP32 Wroom.
Both of those got the wheel unlocked and deck lights turned on. No dash or throttle. Even after unplugging the deck lights were stuck on. I had to unplug the battery to be able to see the dash light when charging or try new code.

I also tried Cheedos scooter turn on arduino file with my Arduino Nano and that caused deck lights to turn on/ and go off when Arduino Nano is unplugged. (Forgot to check if wheel unlocks) No dash or throttle.
Did not have a switch wires to Nano.

My Bird Zero missing gps when I got it so I have to guess at wire colors with Amazon Julet plug. With locator tab at 12 o’clock. Blue 3.3v at 7 o’clock. Green to Tx at 6 o’clock and Yellow to Rx0 at 5 o’clock. I have power and ground on other wires but am using a battery to power arduino nano instead of scooter power.
So I tried Mayaku’s code for esp32 and remotexy on my Bird Zero with es100 controller.
I was soo excited, the scooter powered on, wheel unlocked and turned on with remotexy switch.

Unfortunately the scooter ran for about a minute or two then it stopped, the deck lights blinked and it would not power back on. I plugged in the charger and the display shows error code 12e. ( from what I have found that is a communication error from controller)

I don’t know what to do now, I have tried all other code I can find. I have not found anything to help after days and days of reading/ re reading forum posts.

If someone can please help, please do.
If not I guess I will have to buy a aftermarket controller kit and wire that in…
I was really hoping to get the scooter running with the stock controller and dash but it seems I’m out of options.
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