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By MisterX3M
Scootermansussex wrote:Just a random I watched a person walk up to a scooter and place a device on it with 3 antennas and got on it and rode it ! What the f**k could it of been
I have 3antenna gps/phone jammer
By Richfilth
Continuing the CANBUS conversation: I have just the battery (768Wh version) and it activates for a few seconds with the Enable wire pulled low, but I cannot get the BMS to stay powered on. I've tried uploading brightgloaming's HEX file, but I got no flashing tx/rx lights on my Nano. I also tried uploading pico1979's sketch, but just get the Error message in the serial monitor because I don't have the IoT connected.

So, is there any way of activating the battery (JUST the battery) so far?
By Richfilth
Just confirming that none of the Arduino sketches/hex files posted here work for ONLY the battery. I have a recycled ES400C battery and haven't successfully unlocked it so far.
By Marius Petz
John Blackthorne wrote:
Sat Jul 29, 2023 3:12 pm
Hello every one.

Well , i did the 3 switches trick on ES400.
It basicaly works, but:

Scooter is works for 5 minutes with max speed 32 km/h, then shows error 16e on the display (it's not a problem because when i let throttle go and push it again scooter can rolls for next 5 minutes, then it shows 16e and i need to let the throttle again).

I don't know why, but it sometimes catches 28e error and i'm unable to get rid of this error untill i disconnect the battery.

Is there any list of error codes for his scooter?

I would like to check what error 28 means.
28E is an issue with IOT or ECU (controller)
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