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By MisterX3M
Scootermansussex wrote:Just a random I watched a person walk up to a scooter and place a device on it with 3 antennas and got on it and rode it ! What the f**k could it of been
I have 3antenna gps/phone jammer
By Richfilth
Continuing the CANBUS conversation: I have just the battery (768Wh version) and it activates for a few seconds with the Enable wire pulled low, but I cannot get the BMS to stay powered on. I've tried uploading brightgloaming's HEX file, but I got no flashing tx/rx lights on my Nano. I also tried uploading pico1979's sketch, but just get the Error message in the serial monitor because I don't have the IoT connected.

So, is there any way of activating the battery (JUST the battery) so far?
By Richfilth
Just confirming that none of the Arduino sketches/hex files posted here work for ONLY the battery. I have a recycled ES400C battery and haven't successfully unlocked it so far.
By Marius Petz
John Blackthorne wrote:
Sat Jul 29, 2023 3:12 pm
Hello every one.

Well , i did the 3 switches trick on ES400.
It basicaly works, but:

Scooter is works for 5 minutes with max speed 32 km/h, then shows error 16e on the display (it's not a problem because when i let throttle go and push it again scooter can rolls for next 5 minutes, then it shows 16e and i need to let the throttle again).

I don't know why, but it sometimes catches 28e error and i'm unable to get rid of this error untill i disconnect the battery.

Is there any list of error codes for his scooter?

I would like to check what error 28 means.
28E is an issue with IOT or ECU (controller)
By alexlica
Has anyone developed a firmware for the dash or esc ?

I have 2 Bird scooters ,one with the colour display and one with a normal blue display. They both run with the can messages but only for 5 minutes and after that i get 28E.
I even installed a tier es 400 controller and the same result - 28e.
Can someone help me? Thanks.
By Marius Petz
I have discerned that sharing companies employ distinct CAN signals to facilitate the operational functionality of scooters. Certain CAN signals appear to adhere to standardized functions, such as battery ejection and activation of the headlight or rear light. However, even when utilizing the same scooter model (e.g., ES400), the IoT integration on scooters from different sharing service providers renders them incompatible for operation interchangeably. It is evident that each brand incorporates proprietary CAN signals, thus resulting in a lack of universal compatibility across different scooter brands.
By mandril
Hey everyone! I need some help with getting my ES300 motor working.
I followed the guide from here with the same components and code:
I have the ES300 and I have managed to control the screen and lights but the motor doesn't do anything when i turn the throttle.
My guess is that maybe the motor bytes are different for ES300 than for ES400?

Can someone share their code for the ES300 please or any help in trying to find out what I should be doing different here? My guess is that the Tier code bytes will not working on my Dott scooter.

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