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Hello, I would like to know if anyone has done this before, I have seen that some Lime S scooters seem to have the front suspension and the mast of the Ninebot ES2 but the xasis seems to be from xiaomi.
I would like to mount the complete front part of my ES2 with its battery, controller, etc. in a xiaomi chassis to be able to take advantage of the lower space to mount a 48V battery and additionally mount 10" wheels.
If that's possible it would be fantastic, in any case there is some support to be able to adapt the entire front part to a xasis xiaomi.
I don't care if the scooter can't be folded later.


sorry for the google translation
you can buy 10 inches tires on aliexpress without changing any wheels. And don't put 48v battery on your m365, you need to change mosfets and other components on your controller. And it's also crazy dangerous because of the build quality of this scooter, you are just gonna kill yourself if you go at 25mph on this. Do it on a g30, at least it's way more reliable.

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