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By Leem
I got 2 "broken" rental scooters from an auction, first one I reprogrammed, although I had to buy a new dash for it since it died while reprogramming it. After it got stolen, I took the second one out of storage and have started programming it. The issue is that everything except the dash can be programmed, but the dash is some weird version that doesn't seem to have the capacitor that should be removed before programming. Also I am having issues finding a working BLE firmware file. I'll be very thankful if someone can figure out which dash this is and how it can be programmed.
By dehdon
Hard to tell with such a low resolution image, but the C2 capacitor for that dash should be on the rear of the dash, down the bottom, near the side of the microcontroller board.
By Leem
There is no labeled capacitor on the whole baord, and also by looking at the schematics and what the capacitor is actually supposed to do, i removed one that made the most sense, but still no change.

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