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By Cal2022
dijkie wrote:for these Cells the Max. Discharge Current: 10A
so you can go to 140A if you need the max.

but build in some safety. i don't know what is availl for BMS in this range

and what is the use for the pack ?
do you really need 100A or 60A as current ?
I thought a 14s6p was 60A Max with 10A Max/cells?? maybe i misunderstood how a battery pack works for the Max current...
I want to use it for an electric heater in a van so, i don't think i need 100A, maybe 40A...that's why i need the cell's reference, to see what i can do with that
By iddik75014
Hello all,

I wanted to re-open the case concerning the "big version" battery for the Lime Gen 4.
Does somebody tried to put the new version battery on the Lime Gen 4 ?
Or will it burn the 36v engine ?

See below the new battery version 2 specifications comparing to the first version.

A -new Lime battery Version 2 :

B - old Lime battery Version 1 :

C - Shape comparison :

The new battery version 2 seems to have the capacity to charge till 58.8 vdc and the first version to 42 vdc that is the big difference.
By Jnsystems
About the lime Gen 4 S (Mines is Lime Gen 4.1 S)
While I was figuring how to connect all of the electrical connections together, I found that unlike the bird 3 batteries, lime 4.0/4.1 charges it's batteries through the output port (where the batteries discharges, with the xt60 connector), so when i Did the bypass, It was giving me the correct voltage (battery is dead tho) I wonder if the bms still functions properly when charging, or when I did the bypass, the battery can overcharge due to the bms being bypassed entirely, which is what I am worried about. Others said on this forum there is some risks on a bypassed battery, but I am not worried if it functions properly when charging.
If I have to set up an auto timer killswitch every time I charge the battery and risk it overcharging, it is very not feasible. I am using a low voltage 36V official charger designed for bird 3 fleet but have a faster amprage charger if needed.
I am still figuring out the connections to get it running, but hopefully I can make a lime gen 4 custom guide like they did with the lime 3 once I get it running.
And If i want to fit my controller into the frame, I have to chop off 0.3 mm to get it to fit.

Edit: Turns out after review, I didn't read and it looks like using the bypassed bms risk overcharging due to charging through the output port, no undercurrent protection, no charging protection, etc. Guess I will have to re-solder the battery connections as said in the previous pages, and install my own BMS into the battery, hopefully the thing works.
If anyone can, if possible list out the clear controller connection steps with images, that can be helpful.
By heyni
Mobibilis wrote:
Sat Jul 30, 2022 3:55 pm
FlapjackStaxx wrote:
Sat Jul 16, 2022 9:13 pm
Are those not quite expensive for a decent one? The hall sensors are cheeeeap
Well, not really usefull to get FOC ESC, but sensorless would be the good choice.
KT controllers or S06S, available for open source firmware, square wave ZWSxxx, or sinus wave, thre's only two models.
FOC system only compatible with sinus. ... f150eb4138
Do you think this controller would work? There is no connection for hall sensors and it appears to be one of those KT S)^S you mentioned.

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