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By Slghmr
BIRD 590 BMS Bypass

Scootertalk Forums have helped me A TON over the past few years, so I decided to try to give a little tiny bit back to the cause. I noticed a gap in some of the information regarding the Bird 590 Conversion, and this post is only addressing the gap (not the entire conversion - for that, search the forum....) It's nothing new, but here are a few clear images of what a proper BMS Bypass should look like on a Bird 590. After you properly wire the new controller into your 590, this is the last major step to make it run properly, and not cut out power i ntermittently.----- Original Credits to SAMZONE.

1. Open the Battery Compartment ((((CAREFULLY))))
2. Cut the Large Black Wire- Near - to its Connection... on the Circuit Board (its the farthest, closest wire to the edge, the biggest black one)
3. Strip the End of the Wire
4. Find an equally thick, insulated, piece of scrap wire you have, and cut it approximately the length of the battery
5. Solder one end of your scrap wire to the end of the black wire - that is found now dangling free in the tangle of wires
6. Solder the other end of your scrap wire to the far edge of the circuit board, on the B- Contact Square. (I pealed up the metal edge of the plate on top of it, but i'm not entirely sure if you need to, probably not)
Just make sure you have a good solid proper solder joint on that B- Contact Square (See Pictures)
7. Now you have bypassed the BMS
8. Great Job! Share your knowledge.

(The Red wire stretching across the BMS board is my scrap piece of wire (if you havent figured that out..))
By capgun42
Thanks for the detail! I chipped away the black substance (epoxy maybe?) similar to samzone. Any idea what that substance was and if I should add it back to the contact.
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By Slghmr
Its just a rubber-like insulation material used to cover the majority of exposed contact points after they've been soldered. You don't need to re-cover it, but I would recommend (personally, and I am not a professional at this s*** by any means!) (feel free to correct me or jump in, if someone else knows the actual answer...) going to harbor freight and spending 10 bucks on a little jar of Liquid Rubber. It spreads on somewhat wet and pliable and dries into nearly the same consistency as the insulation you scraped off to make the bms bypass solder joint.
By doublekill
Hello there, first post!
I have done the bypass, but voltage is lowering very fast, i can only ride for about 15 minutes and the voltage drops to 29v.
Any ideas?

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