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By M365GUY

Added headlight, voltage gauge and another 72v battery mounted on the front pole. So 20s4p in the deck and 20s2p on the front for a total of 20s6p,or about 60 amps discharge. Definitely helped with torque and acceleration from a stop. 40 amps is ok but 60 is better.
Weight is still pretty light, the tires are actually much lighter than the stock ones. If you remove the stock tire you will find about a half inch of jello type material on the bottom side of where the tire makes contact. That adds alot of weight to each tire. A lighter alternative to help prevent flat tires is to use a small amount of tire slime and coat the inside of the tire. Not sure how much it's going to help but it's probably better than nothing.

Anyway now this thing is done.

On another topic I was thinking about designing a wider foot deck that would be able to house battery capacity. If it could be 3d printed at only around 1 inch thick there would be enough space to have a decent size booster pack say a 4s,6p or something. I have not seen anything online but to me it seems like a good option for having a wider deck and not needing to have a battery bag like some of the 48v mods that are available online.
Any thoughts about something like that?
By ChrisB
I did a similar project using a Flipsky 75/100 FOC VESC controller with a ex lyft scooter. I tried stock 10s battery with the BMS bypassed for discharge only, charge mode still uses BMS to balance cells. Definite performance increase with just the stock 10s, insane torque and now that field weakening is a option with the latest FW speed shoud increase as well. Field weakening basically removes the voltage/motor limits encountered with other controllers, its a gamechanger . Eventually I increased voltage to a 16s 6P pack using panasonic icr18650bd cells. No BMS, Im basically splitting it into two 8s packs in series charged using a RC charger with balance taps.

I had to lose the stock dash and lights, I power on and off with a simple xt90 no spark loop key but my oh my is it worth the sacrifice. For extra battery space I removed the internal charger. Used a thin layer of G10 to insulate the battery compartment.

As far as performance, I have logs to back me up using VESC tool connected to my phone via bluetooth. 2.5-3kw bursts, I sh*t you not.... with just stock motor GPS logs at 45mph (yes MPH) on flat land, I could probably go faster but I havent found any where that I feel safe enough to push it that fast. Insane torque, If I lift the front wheel end up while accelerating from a standstill I risk the scooter basically flying out leaving me on my *ss/back(its happened before in front of a bunch of people).

Im definatly pushing the motors limit, I understand that its not even the more powerful V2 motor. I have to say the motors are extremely conservatively rated. I took one apart and was impressed. I have much experience with brushless motors and these are top quality in materials and construction. Thin stator laminates, tight tolerances, nice windings. The motors do get very hot after an aggressive exteded ride, after all Im pushing several kw through it but Ive put many miles on this scooter and havent melted /shorted any windings or weakened the magnets strength with too much heat.

ITook me quite some time to tweak the VESC parameters just right. f anyone needs my settings Im sure I can post it here somewhere.
Cant recomment the 75/100 FOC controller enough
By ivymetro
I'm planning to buy a Flipsky 75/100 FOC and do the same. But what kind of display can you use? Is there one where you can select modes etc?
By Shatty
I did the same you did. I got a VESC for my Max. I am using 48V battery and also a high current battery controller. I had the brake working and power button and all but the motor. The motor jerks on throttle. I would like to know what settings you used on the VESC. PM me if you can.
By M365GUY
The new 75100 controllers must be way better than the first versions that I had. I couldn’t update firmware and was stuck in bldc mode. I never got the power that your talking about and I was running a 20s6p with the same cells you were. Maybe it’s time I do this again and get a new version. I sold that scooter a long time ago and haven’t done anything with VESC since then. I had a lot of issues getting it working correctly to begin with. I think most of my problems were to do with the USB port on my computer. Anyway after what must have been weeks of dicking around with it I tried to use a powered external usb hub and for whatever reason it fixed all my communication problems. I could finally write to the controller without everything freezing up.

Your not in Arizona are you? I would like to check out your setup. I have been building these things for a while now and have yet to be overly impressed with power. Although the last one I built was pretty awesome. Kinda wish I didn’t sell it.
By dehdon
That's f**king baller bro. Where did you get the controller from? And what's your top speed with the new battery?
By Stu stobbs
I’ve just received my 75100 controller , I’m in the process of hooking it all up - has anyone got any pointers for connecting the wiring ,ie what colour wire goes to what
I already run both my scooters at 56v using the ego battery’s so looking forward to seeing what they can do with this controller
By maxpower
mine will do 30mph. 28 while riding .your setup is awsome 41mph would deff be enough i think
what sort of range do you get out of it?

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