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By Kml140
thisisstan85 wrote:
Sat May 08, 2021 10:58 am
Migu5499 wrote:
Thu May 06, 2021 10:33 am
Hello guys, my uncle just give me one of this ebikes with a loft of parts.

i tried know the pinnouts about controller and control unit connected to dashboard, but al i get, its YYYY in the st-link utility.
You have erased the controller by trying to remove read out protection. You might aswell throw it in garbage.
Je cherche comment faire pour la faire fonctionner.
Sans l'application wheels ???
Est ce qu'il y a une solution ?
By Jtmeow
I’ve been following this thread for a couple years now and have myself been trying to figure this out. I’m a fan of using stock components, mostly because I enjoy a good challenge. I’ve of course replace the controller with a third-party one, which is not a challenge. But getting the stock controller to work as personal, has proved to be difficult. I’m surprised nobody has noticed this yet, and also, I’m pretty sure the PCB that has the speaker and lights attached to it as well as a Bluetooth module is actually more than that. If you notice the PCB has the word key on it. With two contacts. With a Orange and gray wire. If you follow the orange and gray wire they go nowhere it seems. But, they change color in the cable somewhere. I hooked up a multimeter to it set to Measure resistance. Something fascinating happened. For a split second when you first connect the two to the meter, a random voltage shows up. For example, 0.194 Ω or 0.398 Ω. I’m pretty sure this is some sort of a random number generator to create some sort of verification code that is provided by the app or something to unlock the bike. I’m also surprised nobody has looked into the SIM card and the phone number that only supports texting over the Jersey telecom network. I’d be curious to put the Sim card into a phone and then try and rent a bike and see what kind of message comes through. And then see if it somehow corresponds with this Key number that is generated in the speaker PCB. Anyways, just some of my observations and I’m surprised there’s 36 pages in the thread and nobody’s mentioned any of these yet.
By Expert1W
Has any one had any success with converting one these bikes i been stuck for days I'm trying to use original components that where in the bike but i cannot seem to get it to work
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By Donttalktome
Hello everyone. Let me just jump right in... I just auction bought a newer wheels bike from the impound yard. I'd like some info on possible conversion. Like I'd like to guy it and use a different controller and dashboard. Anyone have any links or ideas?
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