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By Mister Flo
Good evening friends

I've been trying to get them for weeks now, I mean the rear fender with the war right taillight where the space for the license plates for the Lime Gen3 scooter is at the bottom, but unfortunately without success. I'm really asking if anyone happens to have one in stock and would kindly sell it to me.

Please PM me if anyone has a spare fender.

Thanks a lot to all scooter friends
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By Mister Flo
DIYScooter305 wrote:
Fri Jan 28, 2022 11:27 pm
take a picture of the fender you need and post it please
Unfortunately I don't currently have a photo of the fender. There are two different types of Lime gen3 fenders. On the one hand where the license plate is mounted above the taillight and on the other hand where the license plate is glued below the taillight. I hope I was able to describe it a bit more precisely
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By Mister Flo
I'm from Berlin Germany.
Do you happen to have another fender for sale and shipping?
Please PM me for price etc.

best greetings

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