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By Jevako030
dijkie wrote:
Thu Jan 20, 2022 4:52 pm
locking mechanism in closed and open position.
beeing driven by a 5V motor
Motor is beeing driven by small PCB, this one is connected to the Blue connector.
Can you now open and close the lock with 5 V. Combination of the 4 wires, Without Canbus ?
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By Eratz
I also like to know if the bms still does its job balancing even if you bypass it or i should change it.
Got one of this battery from a friend who found it lying on the street.
By dijkie
no, it is in need of a signal to unlock.

i am going to build in a cable to open the lock when needed.
once installed and can charge the battery while in the scooter, you don't need to remove it.
i wanted to open it to change the BMS, then i will install it, locked, with the cable hidden inside the steer handle
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