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By dijkie
Hi, this controller set posted above from Ali, is this working ?

also want to know how to take the battery out.
i tried to meassure and connect some of the wires inside the green box, but couldn't find a match.
its locked, possible with a little motor inside.

managed to take out the wheel and controller, but controller is filled with grey paste and unable to read any of the components.
SIM card seemed to be dead, did try it in a Samsung S4, but no network.
By dijkie
Motor controler of Lime 4.0.
specific made for this product.
on controler has 12x N MOSFET - GK1UW, 4 for each phase of motor
an FD2203S Gate Driver IC
heart of controler is STM32F103C8T6 - 32 bit ARM Microcontroler.
there also are specific unlabeled IC's for controling communication.

as test i have purchased Motor controler, self learning from Ali, will let know if it works.

stil trying to find out on how to remove battery without damaging it
By dijkie
the inside of the "Green Box"
backside of this PCB has the SIM card.
the 2 black pieces left and right are antenna's
there are shielded IC's, containing the GPS and GSM communication.
also one connector for the Display Driver.

Lid of this black box has a Lithium battery attached to keep communication ongoing when battery of eScooter is dead or removed.

one of the connectors is going to Motor Controller
By dijkie

charge port on outside of eScooter, just next to the stand, under batteryholder.

inside will fit a standard, old type HP laptop charger pin.
but HP charger itself has too low voltage.

i did order eBike charger for 36V and will connect that to the HP pin and try to charge battery.
if that works, i don't have to remove the battery ( as only when the BMS can charge the battery and can keep eScooter provided with power. )
By raddynew46
STO wrote:
Thu Jan 06, 2022 2:13 am
sorry for this late reponce, you have to open the cover containing the controller remove the black cable with 6 pin coming from the battery holder cut it take a battery or minimum 5v power supply and connect the small red and black cable clakk and hoop the battery comes out MY DISCORD

So i connected a smaller 12v 5ah battery (black wire to neg and red to pos terminals) and heard a fizzing/frying noise coming from the battery. lol.. so i quickly removed them. any idea why this didnt work? also not to familiar with discord but if you can send another working link id appreciate it. been trying to get this decommissioned lime figured out. any help on getting this battery out would be much appreciated. thanks
By dijkie
Yep, got the battery out ! :-)

took complete scooter apart and went inside the frame via front fork hole with a borescope.
got a view from inside, found locking mechanism, this is screwed on the backside of the battery mount.
meassured the distance to box on outside of scooter and drilled 2 holes in the frame, located near these screws.
then i was able to fiddle with hex tool to remove 3 screws, after that i was able to remove cover with screwdriver.
then found with the borescope the locking motor and was able to unlock it.
will investigate the locking mechanism further tomorrow, but here are some pics.
By dijkie
locking mechanism in closed and open position.
beeing driven by a 5V motor
Motor is beeing driven by small PCB, this one is connected to the Blue connector, PCB containing 2 main IC's
QT702A ( communication PCB )
L9110S ( DC Motor Driver IC )
By dijkie
Battery pack from inside.
it is a 4P-10S.
so a total of 40 cells, 10 times 4 in paralel, resulting in 37V

BMS is not providing output, the output is beeing switched on by the communication from the controller via the 3 thin wires

i am going to search for a "open" 4P10S BMS to build in.
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