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By ikaruga
Hello friends,
is anyone here still on the development?
I got a scooter and have disassembled and cleaned the controller. What a mess.
Is anyone able or can someone explain to me how to read the STM32 F103C8T6 if this is possible. Maybe the firmware can be changed so that the controller no longer needs to be activated via CAN?
I have a few more pictures for you.

By guillaume19851985
Hello everybody, my english isn't good excuse me
I found an old lime okei es400, i have changed thé contrôler by a Universal contrôler.
Now i want open the batterie for hack thé bms, i can't open it, i want to cut the Wear but i don't know were i do it, someone had a picture oh that?
Thanks for your time
By guillaume19851985
Tdtdtd wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2021 8:57 pm
I removed everything electronic from the scooter, and only used the controller that I linked

Only cut the two bigger wires from the stock controller :
-The 9-pin juliet : 6 smaller ones are the hall sensor, 3 bigger one are the motor phase
-The power cable

To use the stock battery I tore it appart, and bypassed the BMS for discharge function, wired the positive directly on the cell #13
For charging it is still protected by the BMS

Oh and I also got two other scooters, and I'm currently developping a two-motors version :twisted:

Took a rear wheel, cut the front fork to get the motor inside
Already wired the two controllers on the same throttle

Just need to repaint it and put everything back together
I think that it will be nut :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Hello, how you conturn the bms battery ?
By Mua
Hey everyone!
I've been trying to start my scooter, but I havn't been succesfull yet. Can anyone share the code which they used to start the Scooter?

Or do you know how to import the CSV-file to an Arduino Sketch?

Thanks for your Replies,

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