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Micro mobility projects built using electric scooter components.
By M365GUY
Latest build running 26s pack with 96v 40 amp controller. Top speed is 45 mph but it takes some time to get that. Acceleration to 25 mph is probably 4-5 seconds. I'm running a 350 watt 36v motor and haven't had any issues at all. It rides extremely smooth and stable, so much so it's possible to coast with no hands on the handlebars. Probably due to so much weight at the base, it's not light. Probably 70-80 lbs. Mostly steel and packed full of batteries.

Building electric stuff is fun 😂
By M365GUY
Changing out the controller for the larger 120v version. Now running 3 separate 10s6p packs In series for 124vdc. The first controller they guy sent me completely melted after I got back from my first test ride. It only had 100v caps in it. Same as my 96v controller that I was changing with this new one. He's having the factory make me a new controller with the 130v caps and some other stuff I ask for in the programming. But it hauled serious *ss on that ride before the meltdown so I'm eagerly waiting for the new one.
120vdc controllers are expensive, like 200 and up. This guy on eBay sells them for under 50 bucks. They are not the best but fairly overbuilt for what they are. Only problem is the size, they are gigantic.
By M365GUY
No they don't use a display,they are just basic cheap high voltage high power controllers.
They don't come with Regen braking but I figured out how to enable it. So other than cruise control which I wouldn't use anyway they really aren't missing anything I need.

And yea for this 120v setup I'm running 3 10s6p packs in series with the BMS on charge only.
I had to mount one of the packs on the front pole. Other two are in the base along with the controller and a smaller 16v pack for lights.

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