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Hi all,

I recently acquired a scooter from a couple who had purchased it to get around RV parks, but they said it was too fast and too heavy for their use. I had researched into it when I bought it (or so I had thought) and saw that it had an 800W motor that could hit 30mph.

It doesn't have a speedometer, but I used my GPS to measure and my top speed was about 12mph. There were 3 different modes to switch through and the 3rd mode is what allowed it to go that fast. 12mph seems to me like it's some sort of cap, and no amount of flipping through settings could get it any higher, even though based on the above Amazon page it seems like it should be going higher.

I had a controller for an eBike laying around but while I could get the battery cables and motor cables to fit the junction box, nothing else fit and since it wasn't going to be its permanent controller I was afraid to start stripping wiring to fit the other connectors.

So has anyone used this controller before? ZF48-12G? Is there some throttle/mode select combination that will unlock it to full? Or is there some way to rig it to mess with the firmware? Or do I just need to replace it? I've googled around and haven't come up with anything fruitful.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Pictures attached below.
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EDIT: I have edited the Amazon link to an archive link because for whatever reason it was just showing as a blank section on the post.
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