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By mayaku
And another trick:
Short the reed sensor if you want it to boot as soon as it gets power ;-)
No need for a magnet to switch it on ^^
By reborrn
ray_t wrote:
Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:30 pm

Inside of the motor. Notice there are no hall sensors...
:shock: I still have to learn a lot. :? I had no idea that the engine was so invented. I was just wondering how it works. I thought the engine was in that handlebar rod, and that it was somehow geared. So this surprised me a lot. It immediately raised another question in me ... why don't they steal it from a big homeless man, just because of the copper. Can anyone tell + - how much copper the engine can contain. But probably not much, if I imagine the size of the wheel. So it will be a maximum of 0.5kg. I thought that the engine is technically the same as the engines in rc helicopters .. only in a larger version.
By reborrn
I also heard a hot message. that they allegedly guard one type of local shared scooter with drones. Personally, I consider this a total nonsense, but one must be careful and be prepared not to be surprised. If you happen to hear anything about this, please let us know.

And thank you very much to all the experts who share their valuable knowledge here. I admire every such pioneer who can do what I only dream about.
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By mayaku
Generally there are two different types of brushless DC motors (BLDC):
  • The one with hall sensors for calculating the position according to the hall sensor logic table
  • The one without hall sensors and mostly field-oriented control (FOC).
Lime has FOC and every other scooter I know have hall sensors but i can't tell you the advantages/disadvantages.
By segobi2
Today I removed the RF/Emi housings from the combox pcb. Found a TI CC2540 (USB, Bluetooth MCU).
Maybe it can be read out using the debug pins. Have not tried yet because I don't have a TI CC Debug device.
Maybe its locked and it's flash can't be read out or we can flash v2.3 to a v2.4 combox...
By segobi2
ramsesp wrote:
Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:53 am
It’s christmas time and so here is a little gift: I’ve managed to convert a Lime 3.0 to a personal scooter.
And here are the essential informations to do it yourself.

I’ve used these parts:

Controller ... UTF8&psc=1

Throttle/Lock ... UTF8&psc=1

While the tail light uses 4,5V which is provided from the controller f.e. at the PAS-plug (as shown in the wiring scheme), the head light needs 6V. At the original Lime scooter this comes from a small rechargeable battery that also powers the GPS-Connection-Pack in the green box. So I removed the green box completely and used a LED-Lenser-Light instead.

You don’t need to connect the three thin cables (white, black, red) in the motor wiring harness as well as the cables for breaking.
Hi, maybe someone can help me...

how did you tighten/fasten the throttle / lock ?

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By mayaku
segobi2 wrote:
Thu Jun 24, 2021 3:16 pm

Hi, maybe someone can help me...

how did you tighten/fasten the throttle / lock ?

You don't need any of this, just flash the motor controller with the 25km/h unlocked firmware ;-)
BTW they are running about 28km/h :-D
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