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Hello @Johndow ,@stavrossal ,

the best way for me is getting generic controler ! As they did with a box in front of the scooter.

Get this generic controler : ... 9G9W&psc=1

Get this box for the controler

Then, plug battery, phase motor, 6 wires hall sensor & lcd screen ! That's it ! Nothing to do on lime 2.5 electric scooter ! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
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Is there a way I could get a internal battery to work with es without bms with custom firmware by means of flashing without soldering or st link? quote="vik sinikov" post_id=52889 time=1618669396 user_id=18011]
Gibrid lime,bird and ninebot . 2 battery. speed 33 km . custom firmware . Not needing BMS ninebot
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