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By Teslaguy
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On closer review of the photos, it will also have a bigger brake light and one lever for both the front and rear brakes. It will also ditch the twist throttle in favour of a normal lever as seen on most scooters. It also will have stronger kickstand, which was a weak point for the last model. The QR code will also be behind the display cover to stop people from disabling the scooters.

By thisisstan85
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Just so you know. Model 2 and Atlas = two different models.

Model 2 has also stronger motor, nfc chip is removed from display, used julet connectors, has alarm when you open the seat or try to move it. And all sensitive parts are protected with silicone.

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By 3characters
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That's interesting. Some Model 2 have the NFC chip.

Model 2 never really existed until recently. Model 2 doesn’t have a horn, instead replacing it with a bell. It doesn’t have an on/off button, and the back wheel locks. The battery is replaced through the app instead of a lock and key, and the GPS is either integrated or charged by the bike. The backend options are as follows:
Bike Battery: 42%
GPS Battery: (This will always be 100% if the bike is Gen2)
Location Updated: 2 Minutes Ago
Get Directions

Once you scan the bike you get this menu:

Report Damage
Pick Up [for repair]
Swap Battery
Release Wheel
Lock Helmet
Unlock Helmet

I can also permanently unlock bikes as long as they are Gen2, though this option currently isn’t functioning on most Gen2 bikes.

Atlas will never be able to be permanently unlocked, neither will it be able to be tracked through the current Wheels API. Atlas really isn’t ready yet.

EDIT: forgot to mention you can ring Gen2 bikes with your phone

By Johndow
You said you can unlock thru this option on the Gen 2 but I didn't see what option you are referring to. Also so curious as to what does ring the bike mean? How do I ring it?

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