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What's the progress on the lyft I want to flash my bms but havnt seen any progress doin this from the link .so what's next after flashing bms .continue like spin I read thru max attempt forum but havnt seen any progress picz or post on conversion. Hope to get some good news back

As far as I know, no, when referring to iap and bms.

In order to flash the bms it needs to have no power besides what it receives from the st link. So... Either let it die. Or disconnect the long cord with the 20 some odd errors wires... Then you'll be able to dump program and data and flash..

I've got a battery I need to flash tonight or tomorrow, I'll try with iap connected to the bms or esc, but if the bms cannot be flashed from an oem dash, I presume there's write protection on the bms.

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