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By Nereoz
Scootydoo wrote:
Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:13 am
Been a while since I had time to invest in scooters, but recently came upon a unit which happened to be inside the trunk of an vehicle I purchased recently.
From what I've dug up, these units are probably beyond the scope of a majority of peoples skillsets to convert with the stock hardware. Even the bottom battery compartment is milled as one piece with the hollow for the battery pack and BMS/controller which appears to specifically need communication with the IOT brain unit(manufactured by mobilogix). Throttle, brake, lights all wire through the IOT down to the BMS/Controller which wires to the motor and brake lights. Its fascinating to see the complex design, and just at first glance looks expensive and tightly safeguarded from simple hacking methods. Would be a shame if the components really cant be "unlocked" or at very least repurposed. Here's some pics of the battery pack and what I believe is the BMS/controller unit.
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Is there a charging protection with some sort of anti pirate protection? Got battery off the scooter and all electrical system. I tried to charge battery pack with a 42v2a charger throught the xt30 connector but i had problems because all battery measured 12 volt and it did not start. Charged singularly and board turned solid green and display turned on with lock symbol. Plugged then charger ( brand new, steady 42v) but battery pack still doesn’t seem to absorbe amperes ... any hint?

By Bee-Rad
So this week they re-released Bird 2 scooters in Los Angeles, will be getting my hands on one and seeing what makes them tick

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