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clayton wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:17 pm
A cordless drill with a 3/8 bit puts that box out of its misery real quick like. Zip zip zip and the squeelin stops. Sleep baby sleep
Its much faster using 2-3mm drill. All it needs is small gouge in the GPS circuitboard, and its not going to talk to anybody.
Smaller bit uses less drill power too so you can use a piece of crap low power cordless drill you picked up at the Thrift Store. You dont want to risk losing an expensive tool if your theft mission goes wrong.

Btw, Some scooters, GPS board also controls a beeper and blinka the lights as an alarm of sorts if the scooter is moved without it being unlocked.

Anonymous2 wrote:
Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:17 am
I have a weird problem. I have a Voi Scooter, i replaced the circuit board and can connect to the scooter via the app. But I can't unlock the scooter or change the serial number. I can only change some light settings and I can't change modes. Do I need a control board replacement aswell? When I'm trying to change serial number it says that serial number is not the original one, so I can't change. But when I look underneath the scooter it's the same serial number as it shows in the app?

How it looks like when I'm trying to change serial number

How it looks like, it says that it's in lock mode. Any ideas how to get it out of it?
Have you changed dashboard + control board ?
Are you sure that control board is original and unactivated before ?

Anonymous1 wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:32 pm
Ricardo Silva wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:24 pm
If i was trying to steal it, i’d put in in the trunk of my car and drive off...
I’m trying to realise how these things work
Okay, it just looked like it!
No, doing all that won't make it invisible or roll. It'll stay in a lock state and on most of them it's a tracker that's in a box on the column. The unit is self contained, so uplugging the wires coming out of the column will only unplug the lights and the dashboard, but the main controller and the battery will still connected together.
The ones around here dont have any “extra” boxes, apart from the secondary battery pack, aka: aside from the orange stickers and qr code bracket, they look exactly like the stock es4. So, whatever that thing has, it’s inside the stock ninebot frame. Also, when i try to move it, it immediately locks the front wheel and starts to beep and flash the side lights. If i press the button on the dash, it just shows the battery level and a single white dot just above that (probably a bug in the code). On the voi app, the scooter shows up pretty accurately along with the battery level and last digits of its serial number...
Here’s how it looks:
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Notice the yellow (hive?) scooter on the background, with its black box above the front wheel, similar to the lime.
Meanwhile, i found something on youtube, a repair guide... it’s all in chinese, but the images are clear enough, it’s a full dissassembly:

Ricardo Silva wrote:
Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:55 am
Sorry for the double post, but... can this be the model some other guy was talking about here, that has the gps tracker underside, covered by the plastic/rubber flap?
In that case, would a simple gps removal + dashboard exchange be enough to get it to its original state?
If it's a Voi, No, you need to change both dash and control board. But if I were you I would wait to see if someone was able to reverse engineer the dash and control board to original state.
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Got this from a Chinese seller. Might help someone...
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"The current vehicle serial No. is not the factory No.
mdofication is not allowed"

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faked screenshot?! I think they all know their boards are crap and don't work. They only want to win time to not refund their non working clone stuff.

Just look at the screenshot!

It is fake. It says serial number change is not allowed. The fields are greyed out. That's the screen where we all ended at even with a service account login.

Absolutely useless the instructions. Easy steps even a kid is able to do in 3 minutes without knowing anything about the app. But the last and only important step is a fake screenshot because they know it does no work!

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