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Fly with the flock
By Orange
Bird offered me an opportunity to try being a storage facility for a week. Going to pass.
You qualify to participate in our Charger Pilot Program this week.

Hi Doug,

Thank you for expressing interest in participating in our new Charger program. We would like to invite you t participate this upcoming week!

Here's how this week's program will work:

Al Birds that are captured on Sunday, February 3rd will need to be released on Saturday, February 9th - instead of the next morning b7 7:00 a.m. Please keep these Birds plugged in the entire time that you have them. You'll be paid a $5 bonus for each Bird that is captured on Sunday and released Saturday, as long as they are fully charged and released before 7:00 a.m. on the 9th.

The Birds you capture and hold for this test will still show as 'Overdue' in you task page - please disregard for Birds you you capture on Monday. You will not be blocked from capturing more Birds if you want to.

Normal charging payouts will be processed on Saturday after you release, and the bonuses will be processed within 7 business days.

Note that the bonus only applies to Birds that are captured on Sunday, February 3rd and released on Saturday, February 9th, but you can still capture and release as normal any other day.

Thanks again for signing up to participate in this program.

By JJ434
THat is such little pay for holding them six days. It it severely complicated to capture other birds once you have some overdue in your tasks. It all sounds like too much for too little. What market are you in?

what I was told by a fleet manager that pilot program is destroying the overall bird program in my city he said it’s being used as a way to shut it down and make a bunch of bird chargers and mechanics quit by not letting people make money you figure if your city has 200 scooters out and 10 chargers keep 10 scooters each that’s only 100 left to work with the rest of the week leading to some people quitting To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

My thoughts having been with bird since the very beginning is that that sounds like a way for them to autoterminate you if you hold birds for more than 2 days you get a warning then if you do it again the system auto terminated you and I’ve heard of other chargers getting this notice and when they do it they get fired. This is a shitty company to work for they don’t give a fuck about us we are expendable no matter how much we do to ensure their operations are successful I know if I hadn’t been working for them they would not have been able to open. Oakland and San Jose without major issues yet they terminated me multiple times for some bullshit but they always hired me back it’s really weird. Anyways just ask support to forward you to Matt the supervisor he will give you the real 411 on this notice and he will keep it real unlike half of the fuckers that run support.

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