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By 365GUY
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So finally figured out how to get over 40mph on this thing. Running two 48v batteries in series to power a 96v 1500 watt cheap eBay controller.
The motor is a 36v 350 watt and it doesn’t even get warm. I was very surprised that it didn’t melt with having that much power pumped into it.
Acceleration is very good but the voltage sag is pretty large upon starting from a dead stop.
I believe running a higher amp battery will correct that and put less strain on the battery packs.

Currently working on a new frame build with a larger deck and more area for batteries. Not sure if I’m going to build this next one with dual motors or just stick with a single motor and run a 120v 2000 watt controller.
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is this the one that the rental version has a seat? im just seeing these for the first time san diego. interested in converting. will i just have to outright replace the controller? or anything else?

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