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@baltimoreguy Do you know people who are parting out the scooters?

Taking off Bird’s hardware and replacing it with the Xiaomi board then sell the scooter seems more profitable. Of course this is stealing and not the right thing to do.
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By galstaf
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I think it would help if Bird put a more resilient kick stand on these things so that they weren't just laying on their side in the way. This is causing people to get angry at the trip hazard and moving and dumping these things.

Does anyone know how long these things need to be abandoned before they are considered not wanted and therefore public domain?

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By druinthor
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@galstaf the kickstands are crummy. I’ve gotten pretty good at leaning scooters with broken kickstands against each other so not to get knocked on my release score.

alientida wrote:
Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:09 pm
What other city auctions have had scooters?
I looked for something similar after buying my first scooter and didn't have any luck. It's not something that's being published at the moment. My strategy to purchase more scooters is to pay attention to cities confiscating scooters and start researching what happens to the scooters. This is how I stumbled on Richmond, VA.

The latest example of cities confiscating scooters is Athens, GA.
Athens-Clarke Commission grounds Bird scooters

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