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By Scandelias
Hey All, I've got an old Bird Ninebot that was gutted, no controller, no 2nd battery, and worthless dash. So I decided to try and put the parts from a Xiaomi Mi 365 on it. I got the dash, controller, and a 36 volt battery from a different scooter all hooked up and now I'm dealing with the error codes. I took care of error code 14, now I'm getting error code 21 for the BCM. I have the white, yellow, green wires from the controller but my battery doesn't have those same wires. The battery, besides the power and charge wires has 4 small wires a red, black, grey, and maroon. And, I don't even know if they will do the same job with the BCM. Any ideas?

By Teslaguy
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Try flashing the dash with BMS bypassed firmware from Your next best option would be to go on eBay and buy an ES4 battery.

By Scandelias
Ok, cool. I'll try the BMS bypass. Thanks for your response. I found the 365 battery I had, (It was on my ebike as a second) and I got myself past the error codes once I wired it in. But, I'm still getting nothing from the es hub. Neither go or stop. Its gotta be something simple. Once i get her going, I'll wire in the es battery in the down tube. I do have a 365 front hub motor and I'm starting to wonder if it'll fit on here.

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I will box up the controller and waterproof everything after I work out these kinks To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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By 365GUY
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If you haven’t tried switching the phase wires around give that a try. I can’t remember what it was that got the ES motor running on the M365 system, I tried it a long time ago but I hate the solid tires so I stuck with the stock wheel and tire.
If you have a 365 motor put that on there. At least you will have a decent front tire. There wasn’t much power different between the two even though the ES motor is rated a little higher.
I have 1000 + watts going to my motor at almost 60 volts and it barely gets hot. It’s a solid little motor.

By bilzbub
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im truly surprised you got far at all. ive never had any luck mixing and matching. best bet is to buy a new controller and dash from amazon and be done with it.

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