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By DedX
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as you can see in the subject i want to ask what for a model is that scooter?
i bought few days ago one from Circ (Flash) because it was non-functional anymore (i got few parts for replace on aliexpress) and now i want to know if it's possible to mod it to a personal scooter.

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(photo of the unknown model is from the internet because i'm not atm at home to make one.)

By Ozymandias
As far as i know, this scooter-model is exklusively made for flash/circ on their own Spec and Demand as one of the scooter-sharing companies. It seems therefore to me, this scooter-model is not based on any certain scootermodel currently available on the Enduser-Market like the Xiaomi M365 or the Ninebot ES2/4.
Im also interested in any Infos regarding this specific Scooter-Model, especially if this model can also purchased sometimes by End-User and which company build it....

By WaveRider
Hey Scooter noob here.
It may be one of these two scooters: ... ooter.html

Made by: Shenzhen Typhoon Bicycle Co., Ltd.

I found that page by searching the company name from the Label on the under side of a Circ Scooter (which looks the same, but a bit more used/maybe an older revision) of the Scooter you posted. - I am also trying to find and buy one of those because they drive really smoothly, although the max speed seems only ~25 kmh. (Segway max is 29 kmh).

(Here are the images, click it for a few more basic shots of the scooter:

Here is the information I transcribed from the partially worn off and torn label:

* = Arbitrary amount of unreadable data
*V1 (shame because this looks like a model number, it was torn off top left corner)
Nominal Power: 300W
Max Payload: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Max Speed: 14.9 mph (24km/h)
SN: B12TF190126143
Address: 21, RUE Glesner 1630 Luxembourg-LUXEMBOURG
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Typhoon Bicycle Co., Ltd.
Address: Building C13, the First Industrial Park of Gonghe*
Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen China

If anyone knows where to buy just one of these internationally I would love to know!

By Risitas98
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Hi is that possible to actually unlock the GPS module by dumping it and reflash a customized firmware? So we could unlock it without changing the whole control board. I have an st link v2. And if it's possible, what chip does it use?

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