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By jssmitty
Just recently posted a bird scooter at auction...think it's an es2 but not certain...when i first got it and tried to turn it on, it would light up the brake lights but no dash board and wouldn't go....replaced the dashboard and now, it seems to run and charge fine but cant get it to show up via bluetooth and dash board doesnt work...when I turn it on, the dashboard comes on for a split second and then turns off and wont come back on until the next time I power up the scooter...any ideas on how a noob like myself can fix these issues? Any help is super appreciated!!

By Teslaguy
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Does it have any logos on it? Can you post a picture of the whole battery pole area please? That way we can know what version it is and what parts need to be replaced.

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By Maczilla
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Try this:
Hold the brake down turn on scooter, keep holding brake down for 10 seconds and release,
if that didn’t work you need to flash the controller
with a original firmware and change serial number,
then it will work and you will have full access on Bluetooth etc.

If the dashboard is a cheap clone, you won’t have full access to flash everything. When i repair scooters, I flash ESC,BLE,BMS and DRV with an original dashboard, after that I switch it out with a clone dashboard, and everything works great.

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