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Slydingphantom wrote:
Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:18 pm
LAskooter213 wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:19 am
Thanks guys. Ill crack it open over the weekend maybe and photograph the insides to show more detail about how I did it. I need to upgrade a few things anyways and fix a couple of questionable wire splices. Thing also rattles a little bit over bumps and it annoys the shit out of me. Still need to mount the horn too. And after that Ill try to post a video of the thing in action. Just to silence those who might dare question my sincerity. Cuz your boy dont fuck around!

And thanks for the kind words homies. I really appreciate the acknowledgement and compliments. Ive got an unfair advantage over most people though...Ive been doing custom cars for years. Aint my first rodeo, ya know? And I aint doing nothing that yall cant do. Aint nothing to it but to do it. And if you fuck it up, do it again till ya get it right.

When I joined this forum I came to learn, of course, (and I have learned A LOT from the members here. Thank you)
but I also came to share what I know and give back. I wasnt born knowing...well....really much of anything at all. None of us were. We have to learn form others and train our minds to eventually be able to teach OURSELVES through curiosity and trial & error. And most people just need a little direction and confidence boost to get started. I remember when I saw my first lowrider car cruising down the boulevard. I was beyond inspired and so curious about how it worked. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I needed to know how to make one of my own. Thank you Dave and Gilbert for showing me the ropes and believing in me. Shit, that was 17 years and 10 builds ago. Time flies.

Because were dealing with scooters, I figured there might be some younger dudes on here or guys that dont get their hands dirty too often. And I want to inspire these people in particular because I feel like this country (especially Los Angeles) is getting too soft and dudes aint building shit and fixing shit like they used to. There is a national shortage of automotive technicians, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders..etc...Im not hating on white collar guys or designers or bankers or salesmen or nothin like that, but if guys dont get the fuck out there and build shit, there aint gonna be nothing to sell or design or finance. More dudes need to learn how shit fuckin works and be able to fix it and build it and take pride in what they do. Our fucking country is getting soft, man. A lot of dudes cant even mount a spare tire or install a light switch. Thats insane to me. I thought maybe joining a fucking scooter forum would give me an avenue to inspire some youngsters or get some website designer off the computer and into the garage for a few. People come here to try to have a cheap scooter. I want them to leave having a dope, custom, super fast scooter they built themselves. Thats why I take the time to post. It aint about ego, its about the appreciation of dirty hands and the confidence to take on any job in front of you.
Anyways blah blah blah thats my 2 cents. Shit sounds like a Home Depot commercial or some Donald Trump inaugural speech. But, fuck man, I mean it. Im just trying to say I tried, ya know? SO....Heres something even better than my ranting and unsolicited opinions about the American workforce....a sneak peek at my latest scooter build! Its still in its infant stages but you better believe its gonna be BADASS when Im through with it. And yes its an m365 deck and yes thats an air tank sitting next to it, and yes those are 2 1000 watt controllers underneath it. Thats all I have to say about it for now. Ill post in the appropriate category once i make some progress.
Homies!!!! Lets build some shit!!! Goodnight.

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Hi LA,

Have you cracked open to take some pictures yet To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

I'm just curious on how you lay it out.
Wait,is it gonna lay "deck" no kickstand??...

So! I read most the post and was thinking on adding 2s to the M365 Pro to push it to 48V but using the original charger and the original charging port to charge it.

Basically i'd add another 2s8p batteries in series to the original 10s4p battery, using tons of diodes to keep the current flowing in a single direction to avoid short circuiting the charger and adding step-down voltage to charge the 2s battery.

I think I can ignore the voltage of the external pack since it's rating would be higher than the original battery, the original would probably deplete it's charge sooner than the external pack, so I could use the reported voltage of the original BMS report as the default mean to monitor the whole scooter charge.
ex: the internal battery would go down to 30v long before the external one goes down to 6v; the external pack would probably juice up to 8v much sooner than the 40v of the original pack
And since the focus is to improve speed, I wouldn't mind having extra juice unused on the external pack.

Do you guys think this would work?
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InfinityWay wrote:
Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:51 pm
Do you guys think this would work?
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I tried the same configuration, but somehow I shorted out the charger. Either I did something wrong with the diode or I wired something else in a wrong way. My second problem was, that the 40V to 8.4V stepdown driver (cheap LM2596HVS 4.5-50V board) was getting terribly hot. So for now I am charging the two packs with different chargers.
Speed in the 12s configuration is about 34km/h.

Tarts5 wrote:
Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:16 pm
Im a bit confused, is 35-40km/h possible then? Ideally I would be looking to get a max speed of around 35 to 40km/h. How would this be possible? What do I need? My ride to work is like 10km, so I dont really need any more range, just the speed.
If you overvolt (add additional batteries in serie) you can expect about this top speeds:
10S (standard battery pack): 28 km/h
11S: 31 km/h
12S: 34 km/h
13S: 37 km/h
14S: 40 km/h

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