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Moser wrote:
Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:00 pm
Why did basti delete his post? I found a tier scooter in a ditch and would love to unlock it. Arduino is standing by.
I also wanted the basti mod 1 and 2 file and I did not get it, if someone has it I would appreciate it if I share it, I want it for an es100 bird, if someone has something that works well I would use it I have a code but the scooter is disconnected and crashes with the

did someone ever had the problem that everything works with unlocking and driving except the front light which does not turn on? the red light on the back works...just the one in front seems to be dead. i measured and it seems not to get there a fuse or a cable which might be broken or could it be the wrong start-code? the funny thing is that this code works for another scooter (same model) with lights on. Any idea?

1. It would be helpful to know what scooter you need help for.
2.It would be nice to know what platform you tested (Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32....)
3. It would be helpful to read at least the last few pages of this topic because if you're looking for the old way of unlock in UART controlled Okai scooters you'll realize that theres a rolling code running between the IOT and ESC board now that we're working on. If you want to help speed this up grab a laptop & logicanalyzer, connect it to the RX&TX line when you rent a scooter, record the signals and dump the log here.
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@Biingobom yes I had this problem once, It was fixed after a battery disconnect and reconnect.

vik sinikov wrote:
Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:36 pm
Stm32 (ESC) and stm8 (display) And there is nrf (ble) gps / gsm.
   It would be nice to find the original firmware from the scooter from the store. All this reminds m365 in a different design.
  And on m365 / ninebot there is firmware!
I have original dashboard and controller. Is it doable without opening the controller?
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