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By cooterjones
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Honestly I'm not sure when it comes to these chinese controllers, mine doesn't even have the LCD lol

I feel like something's working since the wheel spun a bit! Try this

Disconnect the battery everything off, disconnect the green cables

Reconnect battery, boot it up or turn it on or whatever and then without hitting the throttle or any settings connect the green with the wheel off the ground, if it spins the right way let it spin for 30 seconds or more, if the wrong way disconnect green and then reconnect, hopefully it's spinning the right way now but let it spin for a while, I think I did almost a minute. After the at disconnect the green and let it sit a minute disconnect power without hitting throttle or anything, reconnect and test the throttle, if nothing then do it all over again fresh but after the green learning process test the throttle. Just guessing again but I had to do it a couple times for it to learn how many poles the motor had, can't remember what process actually "saves" the setting whether it's rebooting with or without throttle. Good luck!!
Chance the lcd thing is fried, wonder if you can do it without the LCD like my cheap controller.

Good luck!
donKeykick wrote:
Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:11 pm
Thank you for responding cooterjones. I was getting the 5 volts readings using a multimeter trying to troubleshoot why I had no throttle...I had both lights working and no throttle..then I started messing with the settings on the LCD and somehow while doing that the scooter suddenly took off backwards in my living room and hit the wall and fell over..I was excited that the wheel actually turned and remembered the green cables thing so I put it up on the corner of a table with the wheels off
the sides of course and connected the greens and the bird did exactly as stated..the wheel went the opposite and correct way ..I disconnected after a few and went about checking the lights again and stuffing the wires into the housing to finish up..and guess what more throttle and BTW I have never been able to use the throttle except when I checked it after disconnecting the green worked only then..Since that time I have completely pulled apart the handlebars and all the housing on top in an attempt to pinpoint a possible compromise in the wiring (like you said) with the throttle and found nothing. I have checked all connections and all my wiring connects have been soldered and heat shrinked and everything is exactly , far as I can tell, like Mr.Samzone so generously laid out in his vids. the green cables do nothing and I have a permanent E 07 motor failure error on that damn screen in all 5 settings and it doesn't go away...I had it before and fooling with settings cleared it at some point but now I have both lights working fine and nothing cables don't engage and no throttle..not even the sound of the motor electric trying to do something...nada. wtf??? Could I have burned the damn thing up?

By donKeykick
I wont be able to get to trying out your suggestions until Sunday..dont want to get hollered at again..ill post the results as I appreciate any help I can get cooterjones..thank you.

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By cooterjones
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Should be fine, pretty sure mine is 36v
Fully charged it'll be over 36v but I have a feeling the controller is designed for that as it's a 36v system regardless of the fully charged voltage
shabickawow wrote:
Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:35 am
Hello all,
I recently ordered ... 3117032463
this dashboard from eBay. The 36-48V variant was out of stock, so I purchased the 24-36V variant. Will my scooter still work properly? how will its performance differ from the 36-48V version?

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