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I purchased the following electric scooter which is a Bird ES1-300 Watt model ... /413774345

This model is basically a custom version of Segway Ninebot ES2 designed for Bird where Sports mode is always on and it is non foldable. There is Bluetooth but you cannot connect to it even via Segway app for some reason. Since this is basically equivalent to ES2 I wanted to find out from the community if the Battery indicator on top of the display updates in real time as you drive the scooter as I have noticed that the battery does not update right away even if I drive a lot of miles continously. For example if I have this scooter charged to 100% and then turn it on and drive it 5-10 miles continuously without turning it off the scooter, then the display still shows the battery as 100% on the display but when I turn off the scooter and turn it back on that is when the battery indicator updates to show the actual remaining battery. This can be a problem is I am driving the scooter and may think I still have 100% charge or keep track of the distance I travelled manually. Also since this always runs in Sports mode I do not get 15 miles (25 km) on full charge for my weight of 170 lbs (77 kgs) since the sports mode uses more power and also lights below the scooter always stay on as I cannot turn them off since I cannot connect it to an app.

So would like to know if others also have this similar issues with battery indicator on their Segway ES2 where the battery indicator does not update until you restart the scooter by turning it off and turning it back up again.

I have been experiencing that exact same thing with my bird, the Ninebot app only makes the scooter beep and I was able to change the red S to the white S, while powered off press the throttle to max then power on while still holding the throttle, once it’s fully powered up the S is white but as soon as you release the throttle it turns back to red. I’m gonna call Segway Monday to see if there are any tricks to perform.

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