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By Passion
Hi guys,

I just bought an es4, which worked fine until I got with it home To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Everything worked, I personally rode it, it had a small issue, that it would accelerate more than 10-15kmph.
So I took that as a classic magnet from acceleration lever error, shoved it into my car’s trunk, and headed back home. When I took it out of the trunk, surprise: the display would turn on anymore, except for one second, like in the video from the link. The headlight still works, the brake lights respond to the action of the braking lever, so I thought at the beginning that this is for sure a bad connection or wiring. I took the handlebar apart, and everything seems pristine.
Do you have any suggestion? I don’t think that something is dead, since I’ve seen it work with my own eyes. The only thing that I can think about is that during transportation, something came loose.
I am an electronics engineer and I can have my way around with flashing or any other modification. I have read the topics over and over, but wasn’t able to find something similar.

Thank you for your input, here is the link with the video.

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By Sc00tr
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Question: does it still show up on Bluetooth? You could try flashing stock files and see if that helps. Other than that you can solder to it and stlink the dashboard and ESC, but after that you’ll need to start thinking about buying replacement parts.
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By Passion
Sc00tr wrote:
Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:00 pm
Question: does it still show up on Bluetooth?
Nope, it doesn’t show up on Bluetooth, although it wasn’t showing on Bluetooth before either, but at least it worked at a lower speed. I am an electronics engineer, and trying to logically understand what happened, but it’s mindfuck. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
I thought about flashing it with stlink, but I’m still looking for a place in EU to source it, as from aliexpress will take more than a month to have it shipped here....

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