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During the last 4 months at the course of MSc of Engineering in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, I have been part of an international team working on a project on the sustainability of electric scooters.

The goal of the research was to investigate and propose new e-scooter product design and business model strategies, as well as possible legislation, to make the tools more sustainable than they currently are in Copenhagen and thus unlock their full potential as an alternative urban mode of transport.

By using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, an in-depth exploration of riders’ practices in 5 different transit hubs in CPH, we were able to design solutions that can make this mode of transport more sustainable and integrated with the current infrastructure, and that can be of interest to both: the e-scooter companies and the municipality of Copenhagen.

The complete report is available upon request and after consultation with the team.

We would like to hear your thoughts about the 'hot' topic... (See attached image)

Kind Regards

Mikkel Brandt Hansen
Studying MSc of Engineering in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University Copenhagen

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