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By Sc00tr
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Donttalktome wrote:
Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:57 pm
@Sc00tr hey I have the complete package for a 590 conversion. Brand new no hours on it. I only cut it on twice. I can get it to you if you want to make that trade.
Not super sure what that is but might be interested.

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By Donttalktome
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@Sc00tr it's a waterproof controller and a waterproof LCD. It's brushless and 360 watts. Already gave the connections wired and all. Like I said it's brand new without any use what so ever.

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By Johnnyolboy
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Well I think that you will likely encounter some not so very legit people when you meet them, and there will be a low percent chance that you will get the item in the condition that is specified in the add. There is no "return policy" on these sites even if they state there is one in the add. They have no obligation to give you a refund or exchange, even if they state it in the add because they can easily just ignore you. They will likely be scooters with issues, that need work and the seller will not state that in their add. Beware of purchasing these scooters on those sites, it can be dangerous. My suggestion is to look for a seller with good reviews, don't let them rush you when you are viewing the scooter if they try then leave, check all physical aspects of the scooter for defects, and don't go to anyone's personal address meet them in a public place during the day so that you can inspect the scooter properly.


Controller and ST-Link: Device protected

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