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By David McMurran

I've had a friend show me on his Scooter that he Bought from an auction that if he unplugs the Front Box off, the Scooter will immediately turn on, show Error 32 on the screen and will then sit there beeping quite loudly until the battery runs flat. The only way to stop it from beeping is to unplug the handlebars. The front wheel still stays locked. Is there any way to unlock the scooter.

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By MrTokensk8
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Plug a charger in and manually flash it. Since your friend "we all got em", got it at auction he should DEFINATELY put in the time to learn about his scooter. There's more than enough info here in previous posts to just expect anyone to type it all out once again. The search box is your friend. Search *how to flash*. ! feeling kind! Good luck.
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