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By Zou
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I'm working on an Electisan F350 since some time. I plugged successfully a Flipsky and configured it. When the wheel is turning in air, I can get pretty decent speed. But every times I try it on the ground, the battery shuts down for roughly 10 or 15 seconds (voltage drop from 42 to 0 then go back up to 42). I tried to unplug the 3 capacitors of my Flipsky but this is even worse. It may be the battery going in some kind of safe state because something unusual is happening. But the thing is, I can't drive the scooter because the Flipsky settings which got the battery not shutting down is like 10km / h... I didn't tried to remove the battery because I don't know if it's in some glue like the Electisan controller.
Does anybody have an idea on how I can disable this feature or avoid it? Any information will be welcomed.
Thanks a lot and happy ridding !

By Zou
So I got the battery out of the shell but it's full of goo like the controller. Do you have any idea to get the board out ? Do I need to cut the metal part with a grinder or something ?
Thanks !
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By Zou
Hello all !
So I managed to make it works thanks to this image, I don't know the author I found this here tho :

I didn't wanted to remove the shell, too dangerous and time consuming. So I just drilled a hole on the minus. No need to wire the plus because the BMS is cutting power from the minus only. I soldered carefully the cable from the right and replaced to the minus of the anti-spark connector.

It's working pretty well, thanks for all those precious informations !
Next project is to try to use the dashboard screen with an Arduino Nano to get speed and average battery levels.
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By antonio

I had the same problme with battery, drop fom 42 to 20 volts in 5 secons.

What do you get with that hole?

I dont understand your post, sorry

THX for your answer

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