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By 53dougherty
They've always succeeded in making theirs the ugliest. First the flap with the instructions, now this.

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By Famoso32
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No wonder they disappeared from San Diego , might be getting ready to launch them or just got kicked out of the city?

By Blessed1904
Are they really gone. ? Two weeks ago I had the Skip van harrasing me in at balboa Park area lol its funny how stupid workers put their life's on the line to save a scooter. Lol I hope he gets a raise cause he whent above and beyond to try and stop me from releasing those blue skip Smurfs back into the wild .

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By Famoso32
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Yes gone for the last few days. I work near downtown and don’t see any in their designated sections

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By Sc00tr
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You got any links to announcements or are you saying in your own experience it’s official they’re gone lol
Famoso32 wrote:
Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:13 pm
It official in San Diego they no longer in business

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