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The bolts near the handlebar, and the ones that hold the top piece in, are the hex screw but with a metal dot in the middle making it hard to unscrew without that bit. Also, the plug in for this scooter is one big black piece that has the wires running into it. The adaptor I bought on eBay has 3 smaller white wire plug-ins. What do I do to convert this scooter to my own. Thanks as always and appreciate the time spent on this post.
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The kit that Nick87night mentioned is very handy, but if you want to know the specific bit you need, it's a torx 25 security bit. You will need other torx bits so you might as well get the kit. If you have Harbor Freight near you, they sell it.

Thanks for the responses! I just check my posted and saw all the helpful comments. I will post a picture of the connector tonight (I’m unfortunately at work right now).
I just bought that security bit kit! Can’t wait for it to come so I can open this scooter up!

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