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I bought used Lime scooter on FB marketplace, but the green box with GSM and GPS unit is gone, just the 5pin cable is there. I dissassembled the whole thing and find out there is a driver labeled B-WZKB3615A-LB-F4. It must be getting some kind of control signal from the GSM unit, but I couldn't figure out how. Also googling didn't turned out to be much helpfull.
The GSM unit is connected via 5 wires, 2 are power, so the communication happens on the remaining 3. I hope it will be enough to pull some wires up or down to enable it, but probably there is some bus (but I can't think of a one that uses 3 wires).
Do you guys please know how to get this thing to work?
Another option would be buying different controller, but I'd like to get this one to work. I'm even fine with doing some programming/Arduino stuff to trick the unit, but as I said, I have no idea how the control signal looks like.

I’m having a hard time navigating through here I just want to do a post.
Anyway I found a unique way to get 12 V out of my 41 V scooter I just got inside the batteries and tapped into one right below where the leads go in goes from 4 / 12 /36 Got to have balls
cutting Cutting outside of the battery case could be dangerous or use the wire wheel it gently peel back the layers like we had at his circuitboard but I had an old battery I went by anyway works great

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