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Cjwelcome wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:48 pm
@UnicycleSanta I do know that usually a connection error especially pertaining to the throttle may very well mean the transistor that reads the fluctuating magnetic field from the throttle is not rated for the power it may be receiving. I kinda shorted the transistor by accident on my display throttle with my multimeter and it had that error code pop up. I pressed the throttle a few times and then turned it off and then turned it on and it was working again without me fiddling around with it anymore To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
Not sure if that may be of any help for you.
This actually does help, I had not considered that. This is the transistor in the LCD dash? I might take it apart again and see if I can figure something out. Maybe I will try replacing it with a higher power transistor, although this will likely cause something else to fry.

@UnicycleSanta Take it with a grain of salt and not 100% based off my word, it’s very possible un-soldering the transistor and trying to replace it with something else may likely brick the display and have it constantly in ER08 or ER00 mode and basically destroy the possibility of ever using that throttle display ever again all of this electronics fiddling around is at soul discretion of the owner To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
Only reason I tell you about the transistor is because I kinda took mine apart to try and attach the stock thumb throttle which I prefer a heck of a lot more than the attached display brake handle version. And weellll yeah I’m getting a replacement purchased from the place I got the kit from but will still have the old one to fiddle around with always good to have a 100% working backup To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Just to update on the problem I was having a few posts ago regarding the motor shaking and making a bunch of noise, it was definitely the shitty controller. I ordered a bunch if these : ... 2583980617

And installed them in place of the cheaper controllers I used and now both of my Zero's work perfectly fine.

So, just to reiterate:

This controller works great: ... 2583980617

This controller is a worthless piece of shit: ... 4035620186

Note: These are used just to get the scooter running. I don't know if this is compatible with the LCD screens that some of you are using.

There is an 800-1000w 36v brainpower controller on Ali Express with the display screen and a thumb throttle, which I really prefer over the trigger throttle. I have the 350w version of the same design, and really like it. Thinking about buying either the 500w or 800-1000w version for another project. ... b2dd2c21fa
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Just received my Digital, key and throttle for the Bird zero, just waiting on the Control box, can someone take this picture and label each wire, I am new to the whole wiring and if I'm cutting the battery cables, should you cut the negative first. Please send a reply with the wiring label, much appreciated, I also ordered these parts from ali express l.
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@lurkinglime thank you I may be getting one of those as well it’s a bit more pricey but for excellent torque and very nice handle bar throttle it’s hard to not want it. Thank you for your link!@DevinL thats a tough on as some wires may be different but if I’m correct on this from left to right it goes (hall sensor wires)-(power cables with power switch cable as well)-(not sure of the blue and black, maybe headlight power maybe cruise controls)-(that’s gotta be the three pin throttle it’s the only one there for it)-(not sure either of the single wire)-(self learning cables not used unless wheel is spinning wrong direction when first tested)-(motor power cables except not sure what the brown one is looks like it may be some sort of grounding cable ) look up tutorials there’s some YouTube vids on how to plug in basic motor controllers that may help as well or other controller listings with labels on their pictures you may be able to deduce what yours are. Good luck
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By DevinL
07Gevish wrote:
Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:40 am
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Successfully converted to run.
However lights and dash not it's difficult to tell the battery charge.
Used one of the generic 36v 350W controllers and simple ignition/grip throttle.

Is there anyway you can send me a picture of your wiring setup from the aftermarket controller and throttle as well. If it's possible

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